Sari leading Crack Attack on the Battle of the Bulge Buttress in Indian Creek, Utah.
Sari Nicoll

Height: 5'8"

Approximate Birth Year/ Passing: 1962

Started Climbing: 1985

Climbing forte: "I mostly prefer long alpine trad routes but love all climbing (even offwidths)"

"My biggest accomplishment is having a great life and wonderful friends. I feel very fortunate to have experienced so many things and manage to incorporate my job with my life." Sari's job: Stonewear Designs founder and designer.

Trango and Stonewear Designs actively supports the Access Fund and AAC.

Based in Colorado, Sari founded Stonewear Designs, where she designs kick butt clothing. (Basically presents for yourself) In addition to helping other women look good on the rock, she struts her stuff on the rock too. Sari's been seen bouldering with Mia Axon, filming for OLN in Utah, or just getting some climbing in whenever she can.

"Well, like many women, I started rock climbing through the boyfriend I was dating. I remember being dragged up long trad climbs way harder then my ability. I suppose that also might be the reason for my connection to trad climbing or maybe because I can usually get in a "piece " when I am gripped. I REALLY started to connect to climbing when I started climbing on my own with out the boys. It forced me to be independent and responsible for myself and others. Good feeling.! I love the long routes in the Needles of Cal, Bugaboos in Canada and my favorite......Big Desert towers. I climb because it makes me feel good physically and mentally. Strenuous, quiet, exposed, solitude...... "

Information courtesy of Malcolm Daly (Provided Photo)


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