There are many women out there that we look up to as role models for the women climbers. Some are big names, some aren't. If we know who they are, so will you.

We are still working on getting information on all of the listed climbers. For the next two weeks we are spotlighting Elena Ovtchinnikova at Trophy Wall, Red Rock Nevada.  Elena just won at the Phoenix Bouldering Contest in April Sari Nicoll is not only known for doing some awesome climbing, but she's also well known for her smart and sexy line of climbing clothing.

Steph Davis loves high rock. She's become well known for some of her big wall and alpines climbs.

Check back often for we'll be collecting more information for the current women and we'll be adding more climbers to spotlight.

Rock Alpine Ice Big Wall
Tori Allen
Mia Axon
Bobbi Bensman
Josune Bereziartu
Lily Bristow
Katie Brown
Tiffany Campbell
Patience Donahue
Robyn Erbesfield
Nancy Feagin
Steph Forte
Lisa Gnade
Susi Good
Lynn Hill
Michelle Hurni
Sari Nicoll
Elena Ovtchinnikova
Marea Palmer
Lisa Rands
Beth Rodden
Liv Sansoz
Muriel Sarkany
Heidi Wirtz
Alison Hargreaves
Annie Peck
Annie Whitehouse
Arlene Blum
Barbara Washburn
Catherine Desteville
Charlotte Fox
Chris Boskoff
Junko Tabei
Kitty Calhoun
Mirium O'Brien
Nancy Hargreaves
Stephanie Davis
Tonya Redfield
Wanda Rutkiewicz
Abbey Watkins
Heidi Howkins
Kim Csizmazia
laurence Gouault.Haston
Lucy Creamer
Aimee Aucoin
Bev Johnson
Cecilia Buil
Jacqueline Florine
Sylvia Vidal

Someone deserving to get on here? let us know and we'll work on getting their info.

Women for the bios section are chosen by womenclimbing either for something they have accomplished, the role they play in the climbing community, or for just being cool chicks. If you happen to be one of these women (or a relative or friend) and you'd rather not have a bio on yourself or the information supplied is wrong, please contact me ASAP via my contact page or e-mail me at climbon@womenclimbing.com. Please note who you are, that you'd like to be removed or what information is incorrect (hopefully to be replaced with the correct information). I will try to take action as fast as possible. Also if you'd like to update your bio please follow the same steps and I'll gladly do so.


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