The feature articles pages will focus on the trials and tribuations that may occur to women who get out on the rock. Many are mirror articles from mountainwoman.com but some will be originals. MW articles will be noted at the beginning of the article. The Archive will be growing soon. Check back as the weeks go on and links to all of the feature articles will magically appear.

First lead
A Weekend climbing with women
Thought on partners

Gear Basics - How to Choose What's Right for You
Why gear for women
Rock shoes
Mountaineering boots
Hiking boots
Avalanche beacons
Ice tools
Shells, jackets, and pants
Sleeping bags

Techniques and Strategies
Belaying a second
Prevention and Treatment of Blisters and Boot Bang
Tips by Michelle Hurni
How to train for there...
Peeing on a rope and other bodily functions
Making good decisions outdoors

Guide contacts
Why to hire
How to choose
Permits and insurance US only
Permits and insurance outside USA
Questions to ask a guide or guide service
Guide training and qualifications
Accreditation outside USA


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